Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More hate and bigotry from those 'freedom loving' Danes

Remember the cartoon controversy? And the many breathless denunciations of Muslims who took umbrage? The calls for protection of the concept of Freedom of expression(never mind if it was selectively applied).Well these rabid hate filled extremists have revealed their agenda again.There seems to be no limit to their hatred for Islam and Muslims.Check the link below but be warned that it is bound to cause you a great deal of anguish.


The group that is responsible for this piece of garbage is the same one that has called for the banning of Islam.Much like the SANE group in the USA which has embarked on a 'Mapping Sharia Program'.In both cases, these organisations consist of individuals whose visceral animosity towards Islam is well documented.

What should be our response?I strongly believe that a repeat of the violence that followed the publication of the cartoons will only redound to our advantage and play into the hands of our enemies.There will be a small fringe that may resort to intemperate words and action but the vast majority of us must make our disgust and anger known in a dignified and civilised manner.To do otherwise would mean that we are no better than those who revile us.Let us draw inspiration from the Best of all mankind(peace and blessings on him) This campaign of vilification is an old one;what is certain is that those who indulge in it cannot escape chastisement and a grievous punishment at the hands of Allah Subhan Wa Taala.