Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The only language they understand is money

The furor over the despicable cartoons published in a Danish newspaper show no signs of abating. As a Muslim, I am outraged by the calumny heaped on my Beloved Prophet(Peace and blessings on him). This is part of a growing trend in these so called civilised nations; a sustained campaign to attack, vilify and defame Islam and Muslims, all in the name of Freedom of expression.But this concept itself is highly selective.One can spew venom at Muslims and get away with it but there are sacred cows that one dare not criticise.Charges of anti-semitism will be levelled,prosecutions launched and a big fuss made.

I am glad that Muslims are beginning to get their act together and are using their brain for a change. Instead of burning books, attacking shops and indulging in violence for the most part, they have realised that in Denmark, as elsewhere, the worship of Mammon reigns supreme.Till a few days ago, neither the newspaper in question nor the Danish government was willing to even offer a semblance of an apology. But the moment the economic boycott began to hurt them, there has been a climbdown of sorts. Not the best of apologies but a retreat nevertheless.Money talks and how!

This incident should serve as an eye opener for the entire Ummah.Let us work together to educate the world that while we are not opposed to sincere dialogue or differences of opinion we will not remain idle spectators when our religion is defamed.I am reminded of an incident that took place when the Czar was deposed. A man was walking on the streets of St Petersburg, twirling his umbrella in gay abandon. When reminded of the danger he posed to others he remarked that Russia was now free and he could do what he chose. To which an old woman retorted'your freedom ends where my nose begins'!

Hopefully, the Ummah will rely more on cold logic than unbridled passion when confronting those who abuse the concept of free speech.


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