Thursday, September 01, 2005

How You Can Help: The Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

Many organizations have sprung up to help the people of the Gulf Coast and beyond. All these organizations are reputable and placing your charity in their hands will be protected. As of now, New Orleans is still in a state of shock and chaos. The looting and on-going violence has made it very hard for rescue workers and police to do their job.Make dua for them and for Mayor Ray Nagin. He needs all the divine and human help he can get, as well as Governor Kathleen Blanco and the elected officials of Alabama, Mississippi and Florida. Also all the people involved in the rescue and recovery attempts as well need our help. Here is where you can donate whatever you can.
Immediate help to those who need medical attention, food, clean water and rescue. Very well-known institution dedicated helping others in catastrophe zones.
Islamic Relief has started collecting money and other items
ICNA Relief, charity org. of the Islamic Council of North America
Mercy USA for Aid and Development

There are also many New Orleans Muslims making refuge in Baton Rouge. You can contact them here.

Islamic Center of Baton Rouge
820 West Chimes

Everyone here (well, there) is in need of milk, diapers, medicine, clothing, and everything else that you can think of to sustain them. Your most helpful charity is your dua but if you are able to give, please do. I'll be back with more information.


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