Tuesday, August 09, 2005

They're At It Again

A little Progressive dissident bird told me that at the ISNA Conference on the Labor Day Weekend, there is going to be an "alternative" Jumu'ah prayer probably led by a female imam over a mixed congregation. I am assuming this because male imams don't seem as rebellious or controversial as a female imams. When the PMUNA held a Jumu'ah at their Toronto Mosque, they didn't get the media attention or protestors they wanted. I mean, how many female-led prayers can you sell to the media before it gets stale?

Insha'Allah, this is a rumor or they will change their minds because personally, it's just a little sickening. Ya see, I was under the impression that if you don't like a particular group and the way that it does things then maybe you should leave it? Or how's this for an original idea...start your own instead of trashing those who disagree with you.

The Muslim Fest in Mississauga, Canada was mocked in two articles by writers for MuslimWakeUp.com. They mocked it because they did not allow female singers or human representations in their art exhibit. Despite their thumbs down, last year's 1st annual Muslim Fest was a smashing success where Muslims and non-Muslims had fun. They also had the gall to write some tripe under the headline of Women Not Allowed when referring to the festival's prohibition on female singers. I swear you can't win with these people.

I wonder if Muslim Fest did have female singers in skimpy outfits singing about love would they lash out and accuse the organizers of sexual exploitation. Now female speakers are not banned or female vendors. And as evidenced by moi, after being accepted graciously by the Exhibit board, this Southern-fried Muslima artist was not banned. If you want female singers, pull out your Umm Khuthum, Beyonce and 'em, and Feyrouz and leave the festival planners out of it.

But like I said, if you don't agree with their agenda, don't go. Or better, have your own group. Have your own festival with like-minded Muslims who don't mind making salat with those who don't believe in God or who think that scrapping the Qur'an and liking briyani makes one a Muslim. I mean, you're getting tons of dollars from the Harvard Pluralism Project to hold your "Islamic Conferences." Why not have them foot the bill to a poetry slam on the Sex and the Umma section and have Muslims wax proudly on their "first time" while our sisters in Iraq are being sold into prostitution?

You already have a conference planned for November in Atlanta, Georgia. Why go to the ISNA conference where your message has fallen on the deaf ears of Muslims who confirm and believe in the shahada in their hearts? I swear that it must be a clever trick of the shayateen to keep us distracted by this nonsense rather than address the issues at hand.

Yes, let's talk about why women should be singers in Islam (as if there aren't any). Let's talk about hijab and how it's preventing Muslim women from reaching their potential instead of those silly things like poverty, illiteracy, hunger and war. It's nice cozying up to neo-cons and RANDies who give you the funds you need rather than lead a real anti-globalization movement against Western imperialism.

A friend pointed out that these people are like (not are, mind you, but like) the kufar and munafiqeen during the Prophet's time (sallalahu alayhi wasalaam) who claimed that all they wanted was to do was good but at the same time they were causing fitnah and division. According to the Bible, it quotes 'Isa (alayhi wasalaam) as saying that such folks are like white washed graves but they contain every imaginable filth inside.

"We just want to help. We just want to open up the Muslim community and have dialogue. We just want self-examination and self-reflection. We just want to wake and shake this umma up. We just want to progress."

Progress to what?

Oh, I forgot...the lizard hole.


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