Saturday, August 20, 2005

PMUNA Debate Tidbits

We've got two good posts from the PMUNA Debate

First off, Laury Silvers, PMUNA board member leaves the nest. Who next? Allahu 'alim. I would tell you more about her but her bio was removed from the PMUNA website. She did write an article for MWU entitled "Civil Disobedience and Women-Led Prayer" and there some info about her on that.

And secondly, there's a new website called Progressive with links to Michael Knight's, Ginan Rauf and Harriet Tubman's blogs. There are also links to articles on Alt.Muslim and almost no mention of Muslim Wake Up! or the PMUNA. Insha'Allah, the editors and writers of Alt.Muslim will be careful. Alt.Muslim is a respected website and some readers might shy away from Alt.Muslim if they associate too closely with Mike Knight and the PMUNA.


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