Thursday, August 04, 2005

PMUNA Debate on Tarek Fatah and Progressive "Takfiring"

The PMUNA Debate blog takes on the inconsistencies of Tarek Fatah

"Fatah, has a deliberate propensity to make wild unsubstantiated allegations, just a few examples: on the NPM list he has called officials of mainstream Muslim organizations snakes, supporters of Taleban, having connections with Ben Laden. And just about anyone who disagrees with him on Canadian religious court controversy, he insists, wants to impose "Sharia on Canada."


The Current "Takfir" on Irshad Manji by Omid Safi, chair of the Progressive Muslim Union of North America

"Omid Safi says in his cyber fatwa: I am quite fed up with her, and frustrated by the way that she pitches herself to everyone from Fox News (which is quite infatuated with her) to very right wing Zionist organizations.

As usual, Safi exposes his double standards: he has no problems at all, and infact encourages the appearnces of his own people on FOX news, and right wing anti-Palestinian organizations."

Both are solid articles and "must-reads."


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