Sunday, July 10, 2005

On: Collectively Speaking

Salaam 'Alaikum

There seems to be a wee bit of confusion over what this blog is. Or rather, who we are.

Living Tradition represents the viewpoints of four individual people with their own views and opinions: Abdur Rahman Squires, AJ Suhail, Kelly Izdihar Crosby (Risama), and Dr. Max. The editor is Saraji Umm Zaid, whose main goal is to mess around with the template. Our individual posters often post observations and / or comment on publicly available material that they believe will be of interest or use to our readership.

We do not collectively "promote" anything unless it is published under our collective editorial voice, as "Living Tradition." For example, we recently posted a translation of Sheikh 'Ali Goma'a's fatwa on women-led prayer, in order to make that opinion more widely available to people who may have not known where to find the translation.

We do not always agree with one another. We have different perspectives on different issues. We're okay with that; we hope you are too. (Not that there's much you could do about it if you weren't...)


Blogger ajsuhail said...

If anyone is wondering why I have not posted articles in a long time, it is just because my computer has been very petulant. Twice, I was in the middle of penning an article when it just shut off leaving me hot with exasperation. Inshallah, I have finally managed to locate someone competent enough to identify and resolve the issue and promise to be back in full swing soon!

12:16 PM  

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