Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hijacking Tragedy

Last year I wrote a piece on the collaboration of Neocons and “progressive” Muslims in the war against Islam. I received some negative comments demanding “proof” despite those cited in the post. Well here it is, 2 weeks after the tragic events in London. While responsible Muslim organizations in the US and UK were calling for calm and patience, Ahmed Nassef wasted no time claiming that the culprits had be Muslims. In fact, he said that no evidence was needed to reach such a conclusion. Not to be outdone, the ever imaginative Tarek Fatah announced that this was all thanks to Muslim extremists, the type who beat him up when he was a college student back in the 1960s. The poor fellow certainly knows how to hold a grudge. What could have given them the impression that Fatah was a Marxist?

Humor aside, why would these two men make such statements before even most of the world’s media? Are they so eager to counter the insidious right wing lie that Muslims didn’t condemn 911 or are they merely trying to get some free PR? But wait, the culprits have been identified as British Muslims, so in retrospect they were right, correct? Sure, but keep in mind that dead men tell no tales, even if they leave a ton of documentation which miraculously survives multiple explosions, the sort of which took numerous lives that infamous day. And we haven’t even factored the Netanyahu pre-warning yet. Call me a skeptic if you will, but in a world of imperial preemptive crusades, mythical WMDs, phony elections, the Downing street memos etc , is it really a stretch to disbelieve what we’re being told ? I, for one am not buying it anymore.

So who benefits from all this? Certainly not the Muslims, that’s for sure. British Muslims unlike their American counterparts are highly organized and a political force to be reckoned with. They had nothing to gain from this tragedy. After being discredited, neocons have now received a lifeline. Proggies have also stepped up to the plate. There are now renewed calls for attacks on Iran and Syria, as well as Islamophobia. Both groups vehemently deny that the war in Iraq could have anything to do with this. In their opinion, any deviation from the official plot is an act of delusion, the stuff that conspiracy theories are made of. Unfortunately for them these questions aren’t going away, and its not only Muslims, but many non-Muslims who are demanding answers.

Let there be no room for confusion, we Muslims condemn ALL terrorism ALL the time, unlike those who cheerlead the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocent men, woman and children in Iraq and Afghanistan, yet cry foul when one of their own falls. Let there be no confusion that we condemn ALL acts of torture, unlike those who refer to such acts as “fraternity pranks.,” yet decry acts of retaliation which these same crimes yield. Its high time for Muslims to stop entertaining hypocrites, liars and those who don’t mean them any good. Its time to speak the truth no matter what anybody thinks.


Blogger altaf said...

good one, Dr. Maxtor - salaams.

3:54 AM  
Blogger izzymo said...

Wow. What a weird comment, and while I am not qualified to give fatawa, I think this is an exception. No corny responses from wanna-be satirists who are trying to make their racism and Islamophobia more palatable by adding some jokes and sarcasm. :::Risama yawning as she moves on:::

Dr. Max, great post and good to see you blogging again. I'll get back in the game---one day. :)

12:10 AM  
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