Monday, June 20, 2005

More Mukhtar Mai Activism

Small things that you can do for abused and suffering sisters (and brothers) in Islam

* Raise Awareness within your community--post articles of Mukhtar Mai's story at the masjid if you can. Place them on the bullentin board or hand them out after Jumah with your imam's permission. Ask your imam to give a talk or khutbah about her and how her rights as a Muslim woman are being violated. Tell Muslims within your community about her and others like her.

* Please e-mail the ambassador to Pakistan, the Honorable Mr. Jahangir Karamat. Or you can write them a letter (a polite but firm letter) to3517 International Court, NWWashington, DC 20008If you can afford it, you can call 1-202-243-6500And here's the e-mail addy

*On Muslima Rights, Sunni Sister and I will soon have a letter posted for writers to use to send off to "involved politicians" and other influential persons who can change Mukhtar Mai's situation. We'll post it as soon as it is completed. Please be on the lookout.

WAIT A MINUTE!!! I just did some research that I found from this article. NOW READ THIS. 'There was an international outcry. The actual request to keep Ms Mai in the country allegedly came from the Pakistani ambassador in Washington, Jahangir Karamat. In the end, Ms Mai never made it out of her village, much less to the airport."Okay, I am really mad now. You can read the rest of the article here.

*Okay, ummm...let's see if we can get ISNA to invite Mukhtar Mai to speak at one of their conferences. Please follow the above directions if you want...Mailing Address:Islamic Society of North AmericaP.O. Box 38Plainfield, IN 46168, USAPhone & Fax:Phone: (317) 839-8157Fax: (317) 839-1840There's also there the contact link..

***Just to let you know, I got tired of waiting for the Embassy because I'm just impatient like that. I called them on my cell phone and saved the message with someone who offered salaams on the answering machine. Eww. "Islamic" Republic of Pakistan? Okay, if you say so.

***Continue to make dua for our umma and let's pull ourselves out of this Jahili state that we are in.

***Any other ideas are very welcomed. If the article that I wrote about Mukhtar Mai is not published with Islamicity then I'll just it here on my blog.

Some news on Iman Muhanna Muhammad

Insha'Allah, a prominent newspaper in New Orleans will allow me to write an article about her. There distrubition must be about 50,000 plus readers and they are the most popular freebie mag. Liberal-ish on certain things. Maybe they'll like my writing samples. Keep making dua for her family. As you can imagine, they are having a difficult time dealing with her death and the deaht of her unborn child. Let's show them that we have not forgotten about them.

Islamic Restoration

I will start a new series of article on various blogs as to how we can restore our communites and build a new Islamic society in America where Muslims are allowed to live with their Islamic and Western traditions without conflict or contradiction. Most, if not all of the articles, will be centered on the masjid as an institution. It is the focal point of our community and the strength of the masjid plays a key role in the growth and vitality (or collapse and destruction) of the American umma. Let's stop worrying about hijab, sex and kilafah for a while and get our communities in check first. But let's get ourselves in check, too. Let's change our condition so that Allah ta'ala can bring about change allover.


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