Monday, May 02, 2005

The Silent Non-Movement

For those of you have been with us since the beginning of this blog, you might remember us mentioning the blossoming of a particular non-movement. The reason why we can’t call it a movement is because it has no self-appointed leaders or specific headquarters. It does not require membership fees to join or hold affiliations with larger umbrella groups. And while they do not have a specific agenda laid out on a sleek website, they, nonetheless, have a goal of bringing the blessings of Islam to the world.

This non-movement operates under the probing eyes of the American government which has decided to violate its own much tooted right of the “separation of church and state.” Under the auspices of the RAND Corporation, fundgelicals, right-wingers, extremist secularists, radical feminists and rabid Zionists, they have decided to join hands for this one moment in history to see about the alteration, assimilation and subsequent destruction of Islam. But the non-movement continues to grow. While the MWU-PMU crew holds press conferences, the members of the non-movement silently meet in mosques, homes and yes, sometimes coffeehouses. While the progressives have meet-ups (ie: hook-ups), these silent folks have Qur’an and Arabic classes.

They understand that having a bachelor’s degree in Islamic studies, or being raised in a Western country, does not automatically give you de facto leadership of the umma. They are not afraid to admit that they don’t know everything and they are willing to seek knowledge from those who know despite the accusations that going to a learned person with a beard or in hijab is intellectual backwardness. This non-movement is sweeping the globe. It’s tired of racist rhetoric against the West as much as it is tired of blind admiration of the West. It is not afraid to say that America is successful in many aspects but in others, there is much room for improvement. The members of this non-movement are not afraid to challenge the ideologies of today for if your measure any of them against Islam, you will find them severely wanting.

It is because of the non-movement that Civil Democratic Islam and Progressive Islam will fail. Learned Muslims don’t care too much for arrogant media stars who have just recently decided to start taking part in “helping the umma.” Some of us have been in it for years, striving against the gender injustice with the Qur’an and Sunnah before they even thought of female imams. Some of us have taken time to learn the deen and ask Allah subhana wa ta’ala for understanding. The deen of Islam will be established in America and around the world whether I, you, or anyone else likes it or not. Those two million odd pilgrims in Mecca each year are not there not their health—at least not their physical health. Cheryl Bernard can write as many reports as she wants to; they make for good reading and a good laugh. Irshad Manji can continue touring the world looking for a few good fatawas so that one day she could join the ranks of other famous apostates for who many Muslims have forgotten and only our enemies seem to care about.

The non-movement is silent but effective. I have seen with my own eyes reverts and converts who could care less about what anyone thinks, they just want to be nearer to their Lord. We will continue to do dawah, build masajid, create schools for our youth free of drugs but filled with taqwa. But as Asra Nomani has pointed out in a review by our own Living Tradition editor, and what RAND and PMUNA have made clear, is that this is going to be a long, hard battle.

They scream about the influence of Islam in government but when the government decides to step into the masjid, there’s nothing but silence in their corner. Who knew that the biggest enemies of the American umma would be other Muslims? Ahmed Nassef wants the FBI to check our houses of worship for terrorists. Michael Muhammad Knight, while claiming to be so gay-friendly, calls anyone who doesn’t agree with him a “f$gg*t.” Why so many people are enamored with this group with their obvious hypocrisies really boggles the mind. The non-movement is not about slogans, media stunts, slander, second-rate erotica or press releases. It’s about establishment. It’s about establishing Islam as a force for positive change in the community so that when people look at us, they see success, integrity and honor. They see people of faith putting their money where their mouth is by giving to the poor, fighting against oppression, and yearning for Jennah. We haven’t made it there yet but are slowing waking up to those who want to put us to sleep.

Muslim Wake Up! Ummah Wake Up! Wake up to the Akhirah!

Wake up to The Reality! It’s time to join the non-movement!

It’s time to purify our hearts and prepare for Yaum al Qiyamah.

It’s time to strive for Islam in America.


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