Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Muqtedar Khan Questions MWU

Is undermining the Progressive Muslim Movement?

That is the question that Muqtedar Khan is asking from his website, My question is this, "Isn't Mr. Khan still a board member for the Progressive Muslim Union?"

Do I see mutiny in the ranks? Be careful Mr. Khan. You know what happened last time you dared to question their motives.


Blogger altaf said...

this is a relatively mild critique of pmuna - from a current board member. but this too they won't publish on mwu... i'll respond to a few of his statement later on this week...

meanwhile see for a new entry on mwu

3:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Salaam 'Alaikum

Heh, Altaf, I'd wondered if you'd seen it (b/c you're linked!), and then I saw you already had it up there. Very mild indeed. That wasn't my problem with it, though. It wasn't coherent to me, and it felt personal. :\

Also, sorry guys, I don't know why every post has that "read more!" thing at the end. I only meant that to be on the longer posts that continue, as it does on Word Press. Oh well, we'll all get over it.

12:15 AM  

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