Friday, May 06, 2005

Hardliners in Search of Moderate Muslims


Blogger altaf said...


This is an OK article, my problem with it is that it focuses solely on the Pipe's organization, and barely even mentions PMUNA (and other so-called moderate/progressive groups) role in how this search for "moderate/progressive muslims" is taking place. Pipe's has zero credibility, everyone knows that...

By the way, Tariq Ali the athiest who has perviously stated in at least one talk that i've attended, that he did not regard himself a Muslim, is now on the advisory board of PMUNA!

So, now they got Hussein Ibish the agnostic, and Tariq Ali the atheist on their board! At least when Tariq Ali was saying he was not a Muslim - I could respect some of his stands regarding US assaults on Muslims -and I probably still do respect some of his stands. But when these people begin to be part of "reforming Islam" and what not... they begin to lose their credibility.

I also mentioned the following on another post below, thought i'd repeat it here.

Daniel Pipes is distraction, everyone focuses on him, and they don't see these other nefarious groups that are being formed, Omid Safi (the chair of PMUNA) keeps talking about his group being on Pipe's list of "extremists" - as if that is some kind of an endorsement. I think Pipes was deliberately created, so that groups like PMUNA could claim legitimacy by pointing to Pipe's list/"endorsement."

Thanx for doing this response - i need to do mine as well, sometime middle to late next week.


3:35 AM  
Blogger DrMaxtor said...

I agree with you Altaf. I still think the article is good though. As for Pipes is concerned, you are correct that he's a distraction.

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