Friday, March 18, 2005

Some News

Allahu Akbar!

Mukhtar Mai has received some justice. Her rapists have been re-arrested and she is living in the city under protection from possible retaliation. Insha’Allah, the Islamic court of Pakistan will dish out serious Islamic justice and her attackers will be punished. In the end, if they do not repent, if they are not punished in this world, they will receive it in the next. But the possibilities of the outcome are endless. What if Mukhtar Mai gets her due? Could this be the start of something revolutionary—Muslim women around the world enjoying their rights given to them by God in Islam? Could we finally see an end to tribalism and the beginning of a deep soul-searching with Muslims stoning the idol of the nafs and adhering to God’s divine laws? Allahu alim. I hope. I hope and pray this will turn out well.

Iman Muhanna

As some of you may know, though it has been ignored by and others, a sister by the name of Iman Muhanna was stabbed 33 times right here in New Orleans. She was 6 months pregnant. No one has been arrested and the murder took place in December 2004. She was a teacher at the Muslim Academy and a beloved member of the community. I never had the pleasure of meeting her and her death has been a source of deep pain for many people, especially her husband, who had long since been taken off the suspect’s list. Could you imagine coming home after dropping your kids off from school and finding your wife, husband, daughter or any loved one violently murdered. Subhan’allah, my brain and heart can’t wrap around that. There was no forcible entry and nothing was taken so Sister Iman could have known her murderer. I can’t help but think about the comparisons between Sister Iman and Lacy Peterson who were both killed in such a gruesome manner. There’s just something doubly evil about the murder of a pregnant woman.

But, the Muslim American Society has decided to launch a media campaign about her death. They are appealing to America’s Most Wanted, 20/20 and Dateline to all do a news special. Insha’Allah, with enough pressure, we can make this happen. I am very glad that Brother Mahdi Bray has taken this huge project onto his shoulders. It just hurts because if her murderer had been her husband, we would have NEVER heard the end of it. There was even a Muslima doctor who died in police custody here a few months ago. A young man had gotten into a car accident and she was trying to help him. She tried to explain to police that she was doctor but they wouldn’t listen. They restrained her and took her into custody where she died. That’s not the first time a Muslim doctor has been hurt trying to help someone here in New Orleans. Another tried to help car accident victim and the police pepper-sprayed him. Subhan’allah, we lost two Muslim women to horrible crimes in December 2004.

So…are you still gonna tell me that Amina Wadud leading mixed prayer is what really matters?


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