Wednesday, March 23, 2005

MWU has been hacked...again

Salaam alaikum,

It seems that they have been shut down, hacked into or they have lost their account. I really don't know. I can only guess that they have horrible security measures or maybe this is another publicity stunt. They will get back online so let's just wait for them and make du'a that they will be led back to the right path or at least break off their connections to the RAND corporation.


Blogger crossfader72 said...

funny how you guys love the site so much. i guess some people do and others critique . . .

5:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well if MWU gets a "do" for having a website, then Living Tradition should get a "do" for having this blog. Or do the standards change if you disagree with the content? As I see it, you're the one offering the "critique" in this case...

6:24 PM  
Blogger media mongol said...

what is it exactly that MWU is "do"ing? By creating hype about themselves through publicity stunts that will do little to address the real issues Muslim women face?

6:41 PM  
Blogger DrMaxtor said...

Dont forget to donate some cash to Mr.Nassef's personal account as the page requests. Spreading fitna costs money ya know !

10:00 AM  
Blogger alex said...

cynicalex says: "How about, right after we get the most publicity we've ever had, we claim to be attacked by the evil forces of conservatism, shut down and then ask for money to coe back and continue our groundbreaking work!"

10:30 AM  
Blogger justbrowsing said...

What is the deal of a woman in the media leading Jumuah?
This issue has happened in Canada and now US of a woman, supposedly Muslim, who has blatantly stood up in the Community and claimed rights of leading the prayer for Friday and delivering the Kutba. She isn't doing this because of some text or reinterpreted verdict but because she wants to make a political statement: Women must be heard and yes they should. Islam cannot only claim equaminous rights for females but the guardians of Islam must demonstrate that. Many a times women are not allowed that right yet alone given that privilege in the mosque committees and religious functions.
The success of Hudaibiya is partly attributed to the wife of the Prophet Umm Salma for advising him how to operate among the reluctant Sahaba- they were disappointed upon learning there will be no Hajj that year and so found it difficult to start shaving their heads. It was only after the Prophet started his that they followed suit. So opinions of feminines aren’t our defeat to the lesser sex or a door opened to deviousness.
As for the fact that women can lead Salah: She can lead an only women Jamah; Janaza in the absence of males; leading slave girls and boys; and males with females separate in the absence of males who can recite Quran. Out of Salah she can recite Quran publicly and deliver lectures. Aisha was famous for this. One was the classical Scholar from among the Golden Era of Islam and the other is the Malaysian reciter! Today there is many of those- qualified or not. Being a spokesperson for Islam isn't the same as chatting about Victoria Secrets and giving a class assignment of run of the wheel vocals! The real ambassadors used to cry at the podium and shiver at the fist verse.
The Hadith of Umm Warraqa happened in the context of the above basically and not in the presence of capable Imams. Neither was she waging rebellion against the norms and revolting the ethics of the Muslim World nor becoming a self proclaimed de-constructionist of Islam when she humbly accepted the honor of praying at home in Jamaah rather than joining a certain expedition.
This was a home in a remote area that was used as a simple prayer room and not a city mosque established in the Community. The Church has been attacked recently with feminist priestess thanks to the claustrophobia in the box where Eve supposedly caused man to sin and Tantrism is about the worship of the female with believes that's the answer to her male challenge. Islam needs neither to reclaim the freedom of women by cloaking her with Mullaism nor transforming her into the Diva of eroticism- she is a free agent to earn either Allah's highest pleasure or doom like evil men in Hell. It's a fair game and Education should empower her to this. It always was. The clouds passing the sun shouldn't make you think this sun needs to be changed. The winds need to blow instead, isn't it?
Ijtihad is the rethinking of legal statements on issues the Quran and Hadith are silent of but not oblivious of. The guided votaries, who have gone through this rigorous exercise, and still do, aren't gender blind or reality mute. They have to be of the highest caliber of comprehensive learning, expertise in fourteen odd sciences plus heavenly qualities, like their counterparts in any judicial system and most aesthetically must endear the teachings they seek to expound- Taqwa.
If a quack lays a knife on an unwearied patient and he kicks the bucket then the quack pays the price and sees the electric chair. Simple as that! But that isn't so for a qualified Doctor, needless to say for an approved and followed Mujtahid like Abu Hanifa or Dr Qardawi in the lesser sense.
As for food for thought, the modernism movement, in order to avoid label of orthodox Islam and exchange traditionalism with liberal thought and progressive ideas, isn't new to neither Islam nor other religions. Catholics and Protestants at difference is no private act. Kemalism of Attaturk, for his proof of anti Ulama read anti Islam, threw the Quran out of the window and instead Turkish azans reechoed in Istanbul, he claimed ownership eccentrically of progressive Islam. Iqbalian era married Western ethos, he was dubbed Sir as the greatest achiever of 20th century progressive ‘Islamic” thought and Persian poetry. Sir Muhammad was also a subscriber of this movement of reconstruction. As to his piety he was envy to many including the Nasqshbandis. The Ulama of every age have also called upon the masses to be enlightened as to what is religion per se and what is superstition and gross innovation. Every one claims his version of the Deen is the Deen; even the Orientlists employed for Neo Imperialist are no exempts.
The bottom line is will we start studying the sources before we engage the limbs and endanger our admirers or will we make the error of the Israelites of afore as prayed against in AlFatiha- Guide us not on the path of the mislead and the wrath-earners.

11:59 PM  
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