Tuesday, March 22, 2005

More On Our Esteemed Sheikh Jumu'a's Position

Salaam 'Alaikum

To be fair, I am unable to tell you whether or not MWU has reversed its position on the fatwa of Sheikh 'Ali Jumu'a (Goma') in the face of rising contradiction from his very own students because apparently their site account was suspended by their server and the site is unavailable. But as of yesterday, they were still claiming that the third hand report on al 'Arabiya television was a more accurage representation of the sheikh's views than his own fatwa.

In any case, our dear Imam Suhaib Webb, who is currently studying at al Azhar, tells us:

"Yesterday (Saturday), shortly before Maghrib I contacted Sheikh Ali's (may Allah preserve him) assistant br. Muhammad Ali. I asked him about the fatwa and he said, "No! The sheikh did not say that. He was, in the Al-Arabiyah piece, referring to the salah of a woman in her home." I've arranged a meeting with Sheikh Ali this evening and will try to get a fatwa from him clarifying this statement.

"Subhanallah! Only a few months ago I was sitting in his (Sheikh 'Ali's) dars and he said, "Anything you hear from the media that quotes me, don't believe it. Come to me and hear it from my person."

So there you have it. Our esteemed sheikh himself says not to believe what is attributed to him in the media (that ol' hearsay) unless it is confirmed with him first.


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