Sunday, March 06, 2005

"Honor" crimes or Crimes against Allah (swt)

Setting the Record Straight

We at Living Tradition inspire to live up to the time-honored plan of Allah subhana wa ta’ala by adhering to His Qur’an and Sunnah. We try our best to conform to His laws and dictates and not to the dictates of anything else, particulary to a society where movements and affliations are adopted, worshipped and then discarded as easily as a passing trend. For us, Islam is truth, not an identity, an academic subject or political cause. I felt I had to write this entry to address the Islamic position on “honor crimes” based on ahl us sunnah wal jama’at.

“Honor” crimes are HARAM.

There is no other opinion that can be derived from the Qur’an and Sunnah that could ever justify such an act. It is a gross violation of Shari'a and should be treated as such. “Honor” crimes are acts of murder based on gossip and spying, two poisonous sins that create nothing but fitna in the umma. And let’s not forget that slander against a woman without evidence is a crime in Islamic law. So unless the accused was seen in the act with four sane witnesses then there is no justification for the death penalty.

Just as unqualified Muslims are not allowed to perform ijtihad without the knowledge, Muslims are not allowed to perform backward viligante acts against Muslim women while their sons and cousins frequent bars and fornicate with prostitutes. Oh yes, we all know that there are "Muslim" men who feel justified in their sins but are filled with rage at even the slightest suggestion that a future bride is not a virgin. Chastity and sexual restraint are obligatory on Muslim men and Muslim women and we must raise our children with this ideal. No gender should be excused of certain sins and the Prophet (sallalahu alayhi wasalaam) did not say one law for men and another for women. Chaste men for chaste women, unchaste men for unchaste women.

The fact that “honor” crimes exist is not proof of Islam’s alleged bias against women. It is proof that Muslims have deviated tremendously from the example of our Messenger, sallalahu alayhi wasalaam. Were these acts not the very things that he fought against during the period of Jahiliya? There is no justice, honor or sanctity in a coward who murders his sister in her sleep or in a society that places him on a pedestal for doing so. The dunya may honor him but what will the akhira hold for him and those who sat by in silence? How can “honor” crimes be blamed on Islamic law when no one is living up to or applying Islamic law in the first place?

So why am I stating the obvious?
Why am I telling you what you already know?
Well, here are my reasons.

One of the many, many accusations launched against us "conservative" or "traditional" Muslims by the crowd is that we do not care about women’s rights. And what’s worse is that they call for the total revision (i.e. elimination) of Shari’a on the basis of these unIslamic acts.

The only fault that I can see is not in Shari'a but that mainstream Muslims have not spoken out against these murders sufficiently. Brothers and sisters, it times to prove to ourselves and to others that we can take care of our own problems. I know that women are raped, brutalilzed and murdered in the West but that does not excuse us from our obligations to our sisters (and some brothers) who are victimized through honor crimes and gang rapes. Trust me...if a Hindu, Jew or Christian committed these crimes, we would be screaming with rage. We should scream with more rage when a Muslim does it. I don't like to think that Muslims do these things but some us have Muslim names and come from Muslim countries but don't have an ounce of taqwa in our hearts.

I know that non-Muslims use these stories as proof that Islam is oppressive but you know what, we can't spend our time arguing with them. We have too many problems to worry about what they think. They will have a better opinion of us when we step up to the plate and start acting like real Muslims and living an Islam that is pleasing to God and not the Islam of Irshad Manji and Muslim Wake Up.Com.

I know some of you are fimiliar with Mukhtar Mai, the Paksitani woman who was gang raped on some primitive, pre-Islamic tribal law. She has decided to fight back and use her cause as a way to educate the people of her village. But five of the six men who raped her have been acquitted!

What is this nonsense?!

It's against the secular law of Pakistan and the law of Allah (subhana wa ta'ala). Please blog about this on your blogs. Make du'a for our sister and others like her. And don't forget the boys, the forgotten victims of sexual exploitation. Her little brother was gang raped too because of theis archaic, backward caste system that has no place in Islam. Please visit her website and donate money for books and paper. Write her a letter of support. Write a letter to the Pakistan ambassador. Let's kick off this internet campaign and finally get the world's Muslims in line with the Qur'an ans Sunnah.

It's time for us to confront the ugly truth. Oppression and injustice exist not because of the number of corrupt people but because of the appauling silence of the good people.

May Allah reward us for our efforts and purify our intentions.


Blogger shandor_rando said...

I think this was a very eloquent and well written piece I've read in a long time. Thank you.

2:21 PM  
Blogger izzymo said...

Thank you, Shandor Rando.

9:42 PM  

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