Thursday, March 17, 2005

Community Reform IV: MWU (Muslim Women's Union)

Salaam alaikum,

Okay, I feel silly. Thank you Dr. Max for your post! It's was hilarious! Okay, back to my serious entry

I don’t mean to segregate the bothers and you guys can try this idea if you want but since there has been so much controversy over women in the masjid, I thought that it would be a good idea for like-minded Muslim women to form their own clubs, unions, societies, etc. Because so many masajid are run by people who don’t think that women’s inclusion is important, often times Muslim women must take matters into their own hands. By proof of the multitude of blogs, websites and organizations run by Muslim women, we have already shown that we can get much accomplished, with or without the support of the local masjid.

Don’t think that I am trying to get all feminist because I know for some that’s a bad word. I am talking about creating a group and space for women to meet to discuss those things that women can only talk to other women about. It can be as informal as a biweekly meeting to check on each other and to plan social events like picnics and book club meetings. One of the reasons why violence and marginalization against women exists is because of isolation. When there is no one to confide in, secrecy often becomes a prison. A women’s group can help tackle some of those issues that we normally don’t like to talk about.

It would be better if a sort of women’s auxillary group was affliated with a masjid so that group of sisters can address the entire masjid board. A few representatives can talk about the conditions of the women’s prayer area, a nursery for both parents to use and having lectures given by female scholars and sheikhas. Having groups like this create solidarity and promotes a family-like attitude in Muslims because—she is your sister. Even if it’s just movie nights, halaqas and pot lucks, a little goes a long way in achieving sisterhood and watching out for each other.

Also, Muslim women groups can always go out into the larger community and host their own projects. For Women’s History Month, a panel of sisters can hold a lecture about women in Islam. Muslimas can take on any event such as Eid celebrations, fashion shows (like here at this Atlanta Masjid), the creation of an Islamic publication…the possibilities are endless. If you sisters have a formal or informal group, let us know.


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I'm late to the whole blogging thing. So i'm catching up with posts. Some sisters in southern california have set up a book club, the first meeting was last month and they met at the masjid, and since it was sunday, many teens joined in after sunday school. we'll be meeting again in april.

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