Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Nassef: Critics of PMU are Neo-Salafis

Salaam Alaikum

Ahmed Nassef says that the liberal folks at PMU-NA Debate are neo-Salafis. Instead of answering PMU-NA Debate's concerns (or anyone else's, for that matter), it seems the mud is ready to be slung. Tarek Fateh says that the folks at PMU-NA Debate "desire an Islamic Theocracy as a desirous solution to the world's problems." The name calling and charges against these liberal folks would be so funny if the purpose behind it wasn't so chilling.

Everyone who hasn't been living under a rock since late 2001 knows what it means to call your opponent (or any Muslim) a Selafi or Wahabi. Lump your critics (or all Muslims) in with the likes of Osama and Zarqawi, and it means you don't have to address their complaints and issues. The accusation that one is financially or ideologically aligned with "Selafi / Wahabi terrorists" has been used to harass, detain, arrest, and deport Muslims in North America and Europe. It's also been used as an excuse to launch a wars and offensives in Iraq, Palestine, and Chechnya. Why would anyone then want to sling such a loaded accusation against someone who professes similar political and social beliefs, let alone common religious beliefs?

This seems to be the modus operandi for MWU and PMU. People who dissent or vehemently disagree with content are deleted and / or banned from posting -- after the attack brigade has been let loose to hurl personal and other invectives against the individual. Then, if you're lucky, they'll write an article about you.

So who is it that they want to have dialogue with? If they can't or won't handle criticism and dissent from the very people they say they represent, how long can they possibly lay claim to any patina of legitimacy? And when the group has served it's RAND-like purpose, will they be discarded and disbanded -- like CAMU was?


Blogger ajsuhail said...

Read the latest interview that Nassef gave to the Financial times.It reveals his true agenda.He basically promotes an anything goes policy.A Muslim is one who declares he is one;that is all.There is no talk of sticking to the Quran and the Sunnah,no mention of enjoining good and forbidding evil.And the ideas of some are truly heretical;in www.altmuslim.com Dr DriveBy mentions that he attended one of these proggy meet ups and one of the participants suggested that Salah be reduced to twice a day!Another brother came away with the feeling that these meet ups were more a reason to "hook up'later.

I do not agree with all that the Salafis say.But they are sincere in their devotion to Islam;more than can be said about these deviants.I also believe that traditional Muslims,whether Salafis or followers of Madhabs should stop their internecine warfare and unite to face the far greater challenges posed by these fakes.After all both the Salafis and the Madhabis accept the primacy of the Quran and the Sunnah and do not question the basics of our deen.This is common ground as far as I am concerned.Following or not following a Madhab should not tear our Ummah apart.We have far greater dangers to worry about.

11:39 AM  
Blogger DrMaxtor said...

Yeah I noticed that, Naseef's behavior isnt at all surprising. And this Tarek Fateh character is amusing as well, he's the one-man group known as the "canadain muslim congress."
Name calling already ? These guys are out of gas even before the fight.

6:43 PM  
Blogger izzymo said...

Ha ha! So now we can't question them at all without being labeled as Wahabis? Yeah, right. The RAND corporation has to be behind these people. Can't they see that their runaway interpretation of Islam is just Osama Bin Ladenism flipped upside down? Obviously they think that everyone should interpret Islam the way they please unless it doesn't mesh with their own. Islam is siratul mustaqeem--the middle path between a Western spiritual death and violent reactionary terrorism.

10:46 PM  
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