Monday, October 25, 2004

LT Editorial Comments: On Two MWU Articles

Salaam Alaikum

Medically Speaking: Hymens, Tampons, and Virginity

All in all, a pretty good article. Her penultimate paragraph

My opinion has always been that a woman is no longer a virgin when she has sexual intercourse with a man, not when she inserts a tampon into her vagina or when a doctor inserts a speculum to view her cervix. Virginity and chastity are about preserving one's sexual relationship in a manner that is sanctified by God.

agrees with the fuqaha. Even if the hymen is removed by hand, the girl remains a virgin.

Her questions about why a girl's word is not good enough is great, but shallow. There is a mahr involved, after all, and people get crazy when there is money.

Unfortunately, some people have turned chastity into a cult of hymen worship. What they fail to realize is that while a hymen is an indication that a girl has been chaste, it is not proof: it says
nothing about what the girl has been doing with the rest of her body. And today, it is not rare to hear of girls who will do everything except vaginal intercourse, because they are saving their "chastity" (i.e., their hymen) for their husband.
Lost Pages from Sahih al-Buykhari's Chapter on Menstruation

It's zandaqa and hyperbole.

[We are] disgusted with how some Muslims approach traditional texts with their own misogynistic baggage. If we get sucked into playing Whack-A-Mole with these zanadiqa, we will not have time to correct the actual problems. But then, problem fixing is what these folks are trying to make sure never happens.


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