Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Let us fight the good fight!

As Muslims in North America we are confronted with unique challenges.On the one hand, we have to live in an increasingly inimical atmosphere where our beliefs are ridiculed and one who wishes to abide by the tenets of our Deen is viewed with contempt and suspicion. But more dangerous is the insidious attempts by a group of self styled "progressive muslims"to change the face of Islam and rework its principles to gain the acceptability of other communities here.

Traditional Muslims are proud of Islam and all that it represents.We believe that the Quran and the Sunnah as also the lives of our pious predecessors contain enough wisdom and guidance for us to tread firm on The Straight Path.While we bear no animosity to other religions or their adherents,we are convinced that Islam is the one true religion for Allah himself has told us that He has perfected our Deen for us and given to it the name Islam.At the same time we recognize that the Quran has clearly stated that there is no compulsion in matters of religion while reserving the right to call others to this wonderful way of life in a manner consistent with that of our beloved Messenger(peace be upon him).To promote the concept that all religions are equal clearly contradicts the Quran which tells us that truth can never be confused with falsehood.

The beauty and the underlying strength of Islam lies in its ability to mould itself according to changing circumstances.But this cannot be misconstrued as licence to change its basic principles nor to allow what Allah has forbidden.There are those who state that a Muslim is one who simply describes himself as such but that is mere wishful thinking!Can one who justifies homosexuality,same sex marriages,fornication etc be called a Muslim?Inspite of clear warnings from our Creator?I leave it to you to decide.

We have come to a stage that the forbidding of wrong and the enjoining of good has come to be regarded as interference and uncalled for sanctimony. Those of us who adduce proofs from the Shariah are dismissed as cranks,obscurantists and bigots. And therein lies the danger for these progressives have managed to create a myth that there is nothing sacrosanct anymore and that the Deen can be changed to suit one's whims and fancies.

The fault also lies within ourselves for we have allowed complacency to get the better of us.Some of the issues raised by the progressives touch a chord in the Ummah but the solutions propounded are unacceptable.To be able to counter them and their pernicious ideology,it is imperative that Traditionalists like us first recognise what ails our North American Ummah.As I see it the main issues are

1. The treatment of Women-while there is no doubt that Muslim women in this continent are in a much better position than their counterparts in Asia there is still a lot left to be desired. As a start we must ensure that any new mosque constructed has enough space for the sisters and that they must be afforded an opportunity to learn the Deen.It would also be a good idea to ensure that our associations allow women to serve in positions of responsibility.I am glad that ISNA(which along with CAIR has been the object of vilification by these progressives) has set an example in this matter.

2. The alienation of our youth- This is the generation that we should be most concerned with as they are the most vulnerable to the vile propoganda being directed. Our leadership continues to be in the hands of older Muslims ,many of whom came to this continent as immigrants.While we can never forget the tremendous sacrifices made by them it is time we trained the next generation to take over. This generation consists of people born here,who understand the system and who are not apologetic about who they are.Just the kind of people we need to take this community further.

3. Infighting-The sad truth is that many of us expend our energy on fighting amongst ourselves or questioning the sincerity of other organizations.Let us realize that each one of us can contribute in his own way. At the same time we need to be vigilant about exposing the charlatans and the deviants in our midst.On this there can be no compromise for we are not here to be held hostage by the the demands of political expediency.

This blog and the others on this site constitute the first attempt to take the fight to the enemy.And the enemy they are for they have chosen to mock our Deen,systematically attack its established principles and spread canards about our scholars.Fitna must be countered with all the moral,intellectual and economic force we can muster.It is a duty incumbent on all of us. Let us reject the False Messiahs and the poisoned nectar they offer.

The time for despair and despondency is past as is any excuse for sloth and indifference. As Muslims we are not here to sacrifice our principles at the altar of political correctness for we are secure in the belief that we will one day answer to a Higher Power.


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