Saturday, October 23, 2004

Failed Academics and the PM movement

Muqtedar Khan is a busy man. An import from the Indian subcontinent, Khan has worked hard to get where he’s at today as “the Chair of the Department of Political Science and the Director of International Studies at Adrian College. He is a non-resident fellow at the Brookings Institution.” Resume regurjitation is a consistant theme amongst PMs, highlighting the absolute dearth of Islamic scholarship.

Like most Eurocentric academics, Khan’s understanding of Islam is along the lines of his training, viewing the religion as merely a stationary cultural and historical phenomenon in need of academic dissection and dissemination. He began writing articles back in the late 1990s, which were posted on his comically titled “Global Eye” website with the accompanying tagline “ijtihad, a return to enlightenment.” Khan wasn’t taken very seriously as many of his poorly written articles lacked realism, depth, and maturity. Indeed it was hard to believe that an educator and self-styled spokesman for Islam could come up with lines like:

“This is Islam’s ruling, I am right, you are wrong, in fact I alone am right and you are a kafir (nonbeliever) because you disagree with me,"

“Their interpretations of what it means to live according to Islam (not some medieval Islamic scholars conception of Islam) will differ,”


“Islamic legal opinions of the past must be discarded and replaced with a more open and compassionate understanding of Islam.”

It's obvious Khan has little no idea what he talks about and is patronizingly pandering to the ignorant and malicious (anti-Muslim extremist websites were all too happy to post these words) in defacing centuries of Islamic scholarship, knowledge and wisdom. Who needs Imam Hanifa, and the rest of them when you have hyper-reductionists like these to “modernize” us ? The solution to our problems is to have 1.6 billion Muslims come up with 1.6 billion interpretations
each suiting one’s individual fancy. Problem solved, Islam “modernized!"

Fast forward to 911, a day of horror, sadness and grief but also opportunity, not just for Bush and his neocon masters but also for certain Muslims eager to market and sell themselves as “experts” on any and everything Islamic. Khan has been quite active the last 3 years to say the least. Busy on the lecture circuit, getting syndicated and making appearances on FOX, CNN etc seems to have gone to his head.

Like many in the Proggie movement Khan deceptively divides the Muslim community into benign Americanized liberals and conservative immigrant hardliners. Their line of reasoning being that Muslim organizations voted for Bush in 2000, hence their conservative credentials, clearly disregarding the hard fact that Muslim Americans voted overwhelmingly for Clinton twice. He sees a handful of wealthy Muslim American businessmen endorsing Bush as “conservative” not as people benefiting directly from Bush’s economic policies. This coming from a man who finds the Patriot Act "Islamic" compared to similar draconian measures in pro-American Muslim dictatorships. Confusion is not the only diagnosis which comes to mind. Such rhetoric is standard amongst the Muqtedar Khans, Irshad Manjis and all their generic permutations.

Why does it seem that individuals with no background in Islamic studies have a megaphone placed in front of them? Simply because they serve the wider purpose of demonizing Islam from within the Muslim community. It's also a veritable cash cow for every third rate failed academic and ideologue eager to get a slice of the pie whether it's book deals, media appearances, or personal narcissim. Its striking how close the neocons and Muslim “modernists” are in their aim of “reforming” Islam, no doubt to domesticate and dismantle its tenets to suit their designs.

What the “progressives” fail to realize is that ultimately, their efforts will fail despite the publicity and self-deception of their fitna. They are not the first to try and regrettably won't be the last. Muslims who aren’t misled and who hold steadfastly to this deen need but remember the following verses of the Holy Quran :

And Allah most certainly knows those who believe, and as certainly those who are Hypocrites. (29:11)

And they planned and Allah (also) planned, and Allah is the best of planners. (3:54)


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